The Modern Recruiter’s Guide To Internal Mobility

What is internal mobility?

We mention a quick definition above for internal mobility, but there’s more to it than the movement of talent from one role to another.

Internal mobility, career mobility, or talent mobility are interchangeable terms often used to describe the movement of talent between roles, and this can happen vertically and laterally. For example, a vertical move could entail an employee transitioning from Vice President to President, while a lateral move would see an employee move from one role to another with the same level of seniority or responsibility.

It’s tempting to hire new employees or fill open roles with candidates from outside your organization, but internal mobility satisfies more than just the need to fill a role. It also encourages existing employees to improve their skills, develop new ones, and remain engaged with their work and your company. Not only that, but internal mobility challenges executive teams and managers to mentor, coach, and support those they manage.

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