From Cyber Resistant to Cyber Resilient

How to Create and Nurture a Culture of Cybersecurity at Your Business

The day-to-day demands of the workplace often push cybersecurity to the background. Even IT and security teams tasked with protecting an organization must balance the urgent with the important.

Cybercriminals don’t wait, and neither can your organization. They look for easy targets and quick wins, often by exploiting the weakest link – your employees. Data breaches affect businesses of all sizes and types across all industries. There’s often no way to predict when or how a cybercriminal will strike.

When leadership fails to adopt a holistic cybersecurity strategy and integrate it into critical business decisions, the organization adds more risk without a plan to address it.

And enterprise organizations have data that cybercriminals want, especially financials, personally identifiable information (PII), and user credentials. In fact, over 80% of web application attacks can be attributed to stolen credentials according to the latest Verizon DBIR.

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