Google Cloud Introduces New Generative AI Tools for Retailers

Google’s cloud business announced in a release recently that it has launched several new tools for retailers using generative artificial intelligence to enhance online shopping experiences and other retail operations.

One of the new products in the suite is a chatbot with generative AI that retailers can use on their websites and mobile applications. According to Google, virtual agents can converse with customers and make product recommendations based on their preferences.

According to Google Cloud’s vice president of strategic industries, Carrie Tharp, “Generative AI has morphed from a barely recognized concept to one of the fastest-moving capabilities in all of technology and a critical part of many retailers’ agendas in only a year.”

The most recent illustration of generative AI’s expanding impact in the retail sector is found in Google Cloud’s products. In September, Amazon released an AI tool for sellers, and many retailers used the emerging technology to enhance their offerings during the most recent holiday shopping season.

Google also revealed a sizable language model feature on Thursday, claiming it will improve the caliber of product searches. According to the company, the feature is currently accessible in a few stores, and a wider release is planned for later this year.

In addition, tools for improving retailers’ customer support systems and streamlining their product cataloging procedures are included in Google’s recently released AI products.

In addition to e-commerce, physical stores are receiving new artificial intelligence capabilities via Google Distributed Cloud Edge, an available hardware and software package.

The most recent AI tools from Google Cloud are being announced just a few days before the National Retail Federation’s annual convention in New York City begins.