Adobe Acrobat Sign With Document Builder For Salesforce

End-to-end document workflow automation

Acrobat Sign is tested and proven to help customers close business faster, reduce costs, and a deliver an exceptional user experience. In Forrester’s Total Economic Impact of Adobe Acrobat Sign report, Acrobat Sign delivered 30% faster transaction speeds and 47% greater back-office efficiency. And by integrating Acrobat Sign with Salesforce, customers gain additional productivity boosts with real-time visibility and tracking, instant record updates, and automatic archiving—all in Salesforce.

Customers who use Document Builder will generate even greater savings. Automated document templates will virtually eliminate the time sales reps spend researching and creating a wide range of agreements. But that productivity savings is just the tip of the iceberg. Sales reps can invest those regained hours to increase their selling time, driving more opportunities and closing more business. And sending sales documents out sooner can help reps close deals faster and increase win rates.

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