Alphabet to Unveil AI Updates at Google Annual Developer Conference

Artificial intelligence is going to be a central point at Google’s annual developer conference as the company is planning to unveil a number of generative AI updates, including unveiling a general-use large language model.

The company will launch PaLM 2. It is Google’s most recent and advanced Large Language Model (LLM). PaLM 2 includes over 100 languages and has been operating under the codename “Unified Language Model.” It also performed a broad range of coding, math tests, etc.

At the annual developer conference on Wednesday, May 10th, Google will make announcements on the theme of how AI is helping people to reach their full potential, along with generative experiences to Bard and Search.

Pichai will speak to a live crowd of developers as he will pitch his company’s AI advancements.

Google first announced the PaLM language model in April 2022. In March this year, it launched an API for PaLM along with a number of AI enterprise tools. Google says, “It will help businesses generate text, images, code, videos, audio, and more from simple natural language prompts.”

In the previous month, Google said that “Med-PaLM 2 can answer medical exam questions at an expert doctor level and is accurate 85% of the time.”