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UK invests $273 million in AI Supercomputer to Compete with US and China

The United Kingdom's government announced that it will invest £225 million, or $273 million, in artificial intelligence supercomputer. This move underscores the nation's goal...

Google turns 25, Celebrates Birthday with a Doodle

Google turned 25 on September 27, 2023, and is celebrating its birthday with a doodle. Everyone's favorite search engine, Google, turned 25 and is celebrating...

Alibaba is launching an Artificial Intelligence model that can understand images and hold more complex conversations

Alibaba launched a new artificial intelligence model that the company says can understand images and hold more complex conversations than the company's previous products,...

LinkedIn’s Report Says, Singapore workers are the fastest adopters of AI in the world

According to LinkedIn's latest Future of Work report, Singaporean workers are the fastest adopters of AI skills in the world. The report, which collected data...

Strategist Says, Investors are overconfident about the impact of AI

Mike Coop, chief investment officer at Morningstar Investment Management, says market participants are "overconfident" in their ability to predict the long-term impact of AI. Despite...

Zoom can now train AI using certain customer data according to the updated terms

Zoom wants to train its AI models using some of your data, according to the recently updated Terms of Service. The latest update to the...

The battle between generative AI companies and hackers begins

When executives from tech giants Amazon, Google, Meta, and Microsoft met with President Joe Biden last month, they pledged to comply with artificial intelligence...


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